The Team


Holloway Huntley

I started environs in 2009 with the idea that I could have a construction company based on transparency, communication, and a commitment to my crew, my clients and my community to do better (and apparently use more alliteration). environs and I will always be a work in progress - learning and improving and having fun while doing so. When I am not doing environs related work, I’ll be playing soccer (I love teams!), talking to my sisters, ogling dogs (pretty much all animals), and laughing with anyone who will laugh with me.

Dan Ewing

It is hard to nutshell any one on this team, Dan is no exception. He is environs’ lead carpenter and provides us with an endless well of both time tested and creative solutions for our projects. He is one of the smartest people I’ve met - I count myself very lucky to have him as a friend and team member. When he is not being an awesome carpenter, Dan is likely educating himself on something(everything), on the river in a canoe/raft/kayak, petting a cat. Suffice to say, Dan is an all around 90’s man.


Will Dall

A local Oregonian, Will was introduced to construction through a residential remodel program in high school and later began working with general contractors as well as a seismic retrofitting outfit.  He then found himself as the Operations Manager for a large production metal fabrication shop. After five years in the shop world he has landed back where he says he is happiest, as a builder in the construction industry. When not building, he is snowboarding, exploring his newest interest in white water sports, or learning more about Chevy Astro fixes.Turns out, where there is a Will there IS a way!


Gina Blaylock

Gina has been working in the trades for seven years. Her dad was a tradesman, so she's been involved in this creative, hands-on world most of her life. When off the job site, you can find Gina tinkering around the garage and yard or savoring a nice cup of coffee and, as she puts it, staring longingly out into the garden. Other interests include hiking with her family, beer and fermentation, birds, true crime, and building science. Her current obsession is planting fruit trees in her giant backyard!